In March 2016, I curated a show of miniature works of art. Through an open call, I invited artists to submit pieces that fit within the constraints of two inches in any direction. Works from Gerit Grimm, Lisa Gralnick and Kate Roberts were shown, as well as many other pieces in a variety of 2D and 3D media that fit into the categories of little, mini, bitty, small, wee, itsy-bitsy, pocket-sized, teensy, teeny or tiny. The show debuted in Kansas City, Missouri at the National Council for Education on Ceramic Arts, and then traveled to Bainbridge Island, Washington where it was shown at The Lodge at Islandwood. It then traveled down to Portland where it was shown at Ash Street Project, followed by a final showing in Madison, Wisconsin in the Gelsy Verna Gallery. As a show that could fit in a backpack, I could carry it with me easily on my travels. This allowed the emerging artists in the show, including myself, access to audiences all across the country.