I began this project after a brutal rape that happened along one of the heavily used commuter bike paths in Madison, Wisconsin in September of 2015. I began to question if these paths were a safe place for me as a woman to bike, walk, and jog along, as I do almost everyday. This question led me to think critically about what belongs to us, what and how we use and travel in this city, and what has happened in specific spaces in a city that over time are often forgotten. I was interested in how the public would respond to my questions.

Clay can take on any shape and is easily accessible, which is why I build each letter out of clay. The ceramic process feels very personal to me; it is repetitive and labor intensive, and the workday has to be very structured due to the process of working in clay. Ceramics has a very physical presence. 

The letters are set up for short periods of time along bike paths in Madison. I stay with them so people can respond and talk to me. I am interested in the conversations the project can start. My work thrives off these interactions.